Wednesday, 19 December 2012

How People Choose Removal Companies

Rightmove have recently carried out a survey into how people choose removal companies. The results are very interesting and revealing.

376 consumers were surveyed who were active in October on Rightmove.

90% had moved at least once before
80% had moved recently or were about to move
75% had used a "professional removal company" before.

The surprising results were that the main reason for people choosing their removal company was, them being a local company or having a local depot. This is interesting and slightly strange as customers don't usually need to visit the depot but it is a very good indicator that people are once again wanting to support local companies.

The results were:

Locally based - 23.5%
Cheapest - 16.7%
Reputation - 14.1%
Competent - 12.8%
Recommendations - 9.4%
Other reasons - 9.4%
Staff were the most impressive 7.7%
Only company available on that day 6.4%

The results are good for smaller local companies like ourselves as it means that we can compete with the larger national chains.

(source R+S Magazine)

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