Wednesday, 19 December 2012


The Small Move Company would like to congratulate a member of our staff, Tom on his recent wedding day. Tom has been with us since day one every step of the way.

The happy couple had a fantastic day which was in a gorgeous venue in Keynsham, Bristol.

Tom looked very smart and handsome in his suit and his beautiful bride and daughter who was bridesmaid looked stunning.

We had a lovely time so thank you to Mr & Mrs Virtue for inviting us and we wish you a very happy life together.

How People Choose Removal Companies

Rightmove have recently carried out a survey into how people choose removal companies. The results are very interesting and revealing.

376 consumers were surveyed who were active in October on Rightmove.

90% had moved at least once before
80% had moved recently or were about to move
75% had used a "professional removal company" before.

The surprising results were that the main reason for people choosing their removal company was, them being a local company or having a local depot. This is interesting and slightly strange as customers don't usually need to visit the depot but it is a very good indicator that people are once again wanting to support local companies.

The results were:

Locally based - 23.5%
Cheapest - 16.7%
Reputation - 14.1%
Competent - 12.8%
Recommendations - 9.4%
Other reasons - 9.4%
Staff were the most impressive 7.7%
Only company available on that day 6.4%

The results are good for smaller local companies like ourselves as it means that we can compete with the larger national chains.

(source R+S Magazine)

Friday, 9 November 2012

Housing Market

The housing market has stayed quite stable this year, continuing with lower sales volumes and with depressed house prices. However, there are some indications that 2012 may end more postively. The NewBuy Scheme and planning reforms should help with supply and could lead to an increase in the number of houses being built. This will help to breathe new life into the market.'s House Price Index monitors changes in house prices both monthly and annually, this gives a clear view on the current state of the property market.

Octobers figures show a jump in new seller average asking prices of 3.5% (+£8,310), which is the biggest increase for 8 months.

The average price of a property to go on the market during October was £243,168 which is an increase of 1.5% from October last year.

In Bristol we have lots of new build developments being built, many of which have the NewBuy Scheme & First Buy options, these schemes will hopefully help to encourage the Bristol housing market and boost the market nationally.

(Sources R & S Magazine and

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Move Day Has Arrived

The Small Move Company are in the process of moving office as I write!

We are only moving within the same building but it's a good reminder of how stressful moving can be, some would say it's a taste of our own medicine!

Our phone provider have cut off our phone line before activating our new line something that we were promised wouldn't happen so it's been a very stressful morning so far, we have now managed to have a divert on at least so won't be missing any more calls.

On the plus side we are looking forwards to getting in to the new office which is at the back of Richmond House, as it will be much quieter. Our existing office is on the front of the building and the main road of the industrial estate, Avonmouth Way is a busy noisy road.

Apologies to anyone who tried to contact us this morning (01.11.2012) whilst the phone was ringing your end, it wasn't our end.

Finally I can confirm that the removal side of our move went perfectly - as you would expect from Bristol's best removal company.

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Monday, 8 October 2012

UK Homeowners Optimistic!

Nearly two-thirds of homeowners are optimistic that house prices will rise within the next 6 months.

A new survey by Zoopla stated that London households are most optimistic about the housing market, with homeowners in Northern Ireland being the most pessimistic.

This is great news for homeowners, hoping to move home.

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Friday, 21 September 2012

August Shows Rise In House Prices

Great news for home owners - August has shown a surprising 1.3% increase in the average cost of a UK home.

This is the biggest monthly increase in two-and-a-half years, according to Nationwide. This increase reverses the falls of the previous two months, and was higher than any other monthly increase since January 2010. The rise has been described as 'surprising'.

The chief economist of Nationwide, Robert Gardner, said "This may be explained by the surprising resilience evident in the UK labour market, with further increases in employment in recent months, even though the UK economy has remained in recession".

Friday, 7 September 2012

Why Choose Anyone Else?

We believe we are the only removals company you need within the Bristol area - and there are many reason we believe this.

We are a small, family run company, completely focused on providing the best possible service for our customers. Our customer service is second to none, and you also get the personal touch. We don't put money first. Our aim is to ensure your move is as stress free as possible - and that all your goods arrive in one piece.

With our half day & full day rates, at last you only pay for what you truly need. Our removal vans are also smaller, which means a far greener & happier environment!

For more information on any of our services, simply give us a call on 01179 827852 or fill out our Quote Form

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Beware Cowboy Removers!

We hate the term 'man & van' - and we believe you should too! We like to call ourselves a removals company. This shows that we have a certain quality, attention to detail and service. There are far too many 'cowboys' out there, only prepared to take your money, whilst compromising on service. Another big deal is insurance - there are many of these rogue companies that don't even insure your good in the van. This means your favourite china arriving in pieces to your new home. So when you want to make a choice, make the right choice. Go for a removals company you can trust. For more information on any of our services, simply give us a call on 01179 827852 or fill out our Quote Form

Removals Companies In Bristol

Bristol has its share of removal companies, which means there is plenty of choice to choose from when looking for removals. When it comes to the right choice, however, we believe we are number one. We are in an ideal location in Bristol. Not only do we have great road links for local moves, but we have good motorway links for long journeys. This means we have no troubles moving your goods, whether it be a local move or a long distance move. We also charge by the half day, or a full day, meaning you only really pay for what you need. Our service truly is personal. Being a family run company, you speak directly to us, and we try and figure out the best plans for you. Great customer service is the first place to start, and we make sure we are thorough in providing this. Moving house can be stressful, so if you are looking for a quality of service you can rely on, then make the right choice, and contact The Small Move Team, so we can find the right service for you. For more information on any of our services, simply give us a call on 01179 827852 or fill out our Quote Form

June Company Update

We are having a very busy June here at The Small Move Company, which is just how we like it. So far our teams have been to Eastbourne, South Croydon, Kettering, Scotland, Cheltenham, Worcestershire & Nottingham as well as all of our local moves. Our teams are certainly well travelled and get to see lots of our beautiful country. Visit us at

Recession Industry Changes

The removal industry has changed dramatically in the time since we started and the recession has sadly put alot of removal companies out of business. The housing market seems to be steady at the moment in the Bristol area which is a good sign. We have noticed a large increase in the amount of our clients who have to relocate with work due to the recession.

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Vehicle Details

We tend to use half size vehicles in our business which helps keep overheads down and enables us to pass on the savings to our customers. When you use bigger vehicles you need special operators licences etc. We have looked into this several times but feel the smaller vehicles do just as good a job and enable us to avoid access / parking issues around many area's of Bristol. Visit us at

Friendly Service

We are different from alot of companies in the Bristol area as we truly are a family run business. It's usually myself (Emma) or Calvin who you speak to in the office so we feel you get a friendlier, more personal service. We really do care & our teams have been with us a long time & take pride in their work.